The only business-building workshop developed specifically for small-to-mid-sized firms in the Market Research industry.

To no one’s surprise… our industry is becoming more competitive and more commoditized every day – new technology, new players, DIY tools, consolidation, etc. It’s getting increasingly difficult to grow your business and maintain a competitive advantage. Instant Impact can help.

Our presenters draw on over 20 years of combined experience in the MR industry to deliver real-world marketing & sales tools that can help you grow your business.

And here’s the difference… at the end of most workshops, participants go back to the office and try to put the theories they just learned into practice. It rarely works. Attendees at Instant Impact don’t leave with ideas and theories… they leave with the proven, real-world tools, tips and techniques to put to use right away. To start growing revenue the very next day! In fact, we built this unique program from the ground up with that singular goal in mind!

Presented by Steve Henke and Paul Kirch – two of the MR industry’s most experienced and respected business growth experts – Instant Impact is about two things… Action and Results.

Workshop Details

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Who Should attend?

  • Marketing and Business Development Pros from mid-size firms
  • Business owners from smaller firms
  • Independent consultants/Seller-Doers
  • And anyone responsible for the revenue growth of their firms

Where: Your office, kitchen table or favorite coffeeshop! Instant Impact is a live, virtual event. So log in from anywhere.

What you’ll learn:

  • Tips, tricks & techniques for the best marketing results
    • Module 1: Email Marketing
    • Module 2: Websites & SEO
    • Module 3: Content Marketing
    • Module 4: Advertising
    • Module 5: LinkedIn Marketing
  • How to be successful at sales… even if you hate selling
    • Module 1: Evaluating the Sales Person
    • Module 2: Staying Focused and Motivated
    • Module 3: Follow-up Strategies that Convert
    • Module 4: Networking Strategies to Convert Leads to Buyers

Why Should you Attend?

  • You receive 4 uninterrupted hours with two of the industry’s top growth consultants.
  • You get a comprehensive marketing & sales workbook – full of information, worksheets and checklists – to help to guide your growth.
  • We hold you accountable. You receive follow-up emails to keep encouraging you to grow your business.
  • There’s no expense from travel or lodging.
  • Because your competitors will be there… shouldn’t you?!

Your Presenters

Steve Henke

President & Founder, Harpeth Marketing

Steve Henke, founder of Harpeth Marketing, draws on a 30-year career in marketing, sales and corporate management. He started as a technical sales representative for the DuPont Company, his first position after graduating from college. Over time, he moved into progressively more responsible positions in marketing, marketing & sales management and various executive positions. In 2001, he founded Marketing Mentor, a marketing consultancy serving businesses in the mid-South, one of which was 20|20 Research. In 2005, he was brought in as President of 20|20 and led efforts that tripled annual revenues over the next six years. 20|20 was also named one of the 10 most innovative firms in the industry in the 2011 GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report. He founded Harpeth Marketing in the Spring of 2012.

Paul Kirch, PRC

President & CEO, Actus Sales Intelligence

Paul Kirch is known as an accomplished sales and sales management professional, though his background is so much broader. He is currently the President/CEO of Actus Sales Intelligence, a sales intelligence agency, known for helping its clients “sell smarter.” Actus ultimately strives to help its clients focus on driving growth and creating sustainable futures through more strategic sales efforts. Actus helps its clients identify areas of improvement and then provides tools and training to help them take the next step toward achieving their goals. He founded Actus in 2009 as means of giving back to help others achieve business success. Paul has proven to be a big picture thinker throughout his career, which makes him suited to lead his company and play an active role in the success of their clients.

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